Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hana-Awase (花合わせ) Rules

Here are the rules for Hana-Awase as supplied with my Disney Hanafuda.

*(sic), (the) and (of rules supplied with deck) are my additions to the text.

Hana-Awase (花合わせ)

Number of players: mostly 3 or 4.
The object is to capture scoring cards with cards in your hand and in the field.  Each card has its score.  Player with the highest score is the winner.


Each player takes one card from a stock of HANAFUDA in (sic) face down.  The player with the earliest month (smallest figure) becomes the dealer for the first round (in the case of a tie, the card with the highest core wins).


1) In a 3 player game, the dealer deals 7 cards (face down) to each player and 6 cards (face up) to the field.  They are called 'Cards in Hand' and 'Cards in the Field' respectively.  The remaining cards are put in the middle of the field in (sic) face down.  The cards are called 'Stock'.
* In a 4 player game, 'Cards in Hand' and 'Cards in the field' shall be 5 and 8 each.

2) If one of 'Cards in Hand' matches a card in the field in month, (the) dealer places the card (face up) from 'Cards in Hand' on top of the matched card and capture (sic) both cards.  Then (the) dealer takes the top card from the 'Stock'.

3) If the card matches a card in the field in month, (the) dealer places the card (face up) on top of the matched and captures both cards.
* If there are two same month cards in the field, dealer chooses which card to capture (usually higher score card).

4) If no card in 'Cards in Hand' matches any card in the field, dealer puts any one card from 'Cards in Hand' in the field.  Then (the) dealer takes (the) top card from 'Stock' in (sic) face up.
If the card matches, dealer captures both cards.
If no matched card, dealer just puts the top card (face up) in the field.

5) Next player follows the same procedure.  Once all cards in 'Stock' have been captured, the game ends.

6) Player scores all the captured cards.  The score for the individual cards are shown in the table on the reverse side (of rules supplied with deck).  If there are certain set of cards ('Captured Hands' shown on the reverse side), an extra bonus will be given.


Card values and scoring

Kasu (Junk) cards = 1pt each
Tanzaku (Scroll) cards = 5pts each
Tane (Animal/Earth) cards = 10pts each
Brights = 20pts each

Captured Hands

Aka-Tan = 35pts
Ao-Tan = 35pts
Nana-Tan = 50pts (7 poems) This hand is made up of 7 scrolls excluding the November scroll card.

Ino-Shika-Cho = 35pts

Goko = 75pts
Shiko = 50pts
Matsu-Kiri-Bozu = 35pts (This hand is made up of the 3 brights of the January, December and August suits).

Tsukimi de Ippai (Tsukimi-zake) = 20pts 
Hanami de Ippai (Hanami-zake) = 30pts

Disney Hanafuda produced by Angel Playing Cards, Kyoto.


  1. Playing a Hiki....When starting a hand, if a players has a Hiki, all matching suite. Example: one, two or three cards in hand or in the field, and plays it. Does he loose his turns for cards put down from his hand? As plays continue, he has less cards. How does he play without cards??

    1. You only play one card from your hand per turn.