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64 Hanafuda - Tenshi no Yakusoku

Koi Koi Shimasho

'A strip hanafuda game against four schoolgirls. Not very difficult as the girls often wait until the last minute to go out if their hand is worth anything. Although you get a partial strip scene by going out once, you must run them out of points completely to see the full strip and move on to the next girl. Some animation is present, but the strip scenes are only scrolling pictures'.


Yes, okay yet another Strip Hanafuda post...

'This rather easy hanafuda game puts you against girls in various fantasy-themed outfits with animal or elven ears. After a few rounds, if your score is higher than the opponent's, she strips. Most every hand you get is basically a setup for a high-scoring combination'.

Abunai Houkago - Mou Matenai

Strip Hanafuda with three (High) School girls?! Only in Japan!

'A simple hanafuda game played against three schoolgirls. The game highlights cards you can play for matches and offers power-ups to make rounds go your way more easily. Whenever you successfully go out, the girl you play against will remove some clothing'.

Hana Kagerou

A tame Strip Hanafuda game...

'A fiendish yen-grabber of a hanafuda game that draws you in with nice artwork, but ultimately disappoints. You play against girls in hanafuda who gradually strip as you win, but pose so that they don't reveal anything. The game is also fraught with frequent draw matches, and the girl always goes first'.

Hana Yori Dango

More old Strip Hanafuda!

'An 'adventure' game where you play as a man who has been sent to date girls and challenge them to games of strip hanafuda. The game also includes a free play mode for those too impatient to deal with ADV games, with a different set of girls to challenge and two variations of play. Each match lasts twelve rounds, and it appears you get pictures of the girl whether you were ahead or not, although the picture can still be somewhat jumbled if you didn't come out on top. The game also seems to favor the opponent with hands and drawn cards'.

Hanafuda de Pon!

Strip Hanafuda!

'Participate in a strip hanafuda tournament or individual battles. Each option presents you with different girls to play against, for a total of sixteen girls. Characters seem to have their own unique special powers to use to their advantage during or before play in tournament mode. Meters indicate the characters points: how much the difference is between the winner and the loser determines how many NP the loser is docked at the end of each round. At one-third intervals of her NP bar, the character has to strip; depleting her bar completely strips her naked and declares her the loser. In individual play, however, only the girl you play against has her bar sectioned off; you simply lose if your bar is depleted'.

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Kiki's Koi-Koi Promo Video


花札しよっ! Lite iphone アプリ

脱衣花札「ナイトローズ」 arcade strip hanafuda night rose

Last Blade 2 - Hanafuda Mode

iPhone application 『Hanafuda Koi-Koi ver.』play animation

FloWar, iPhone Game Demo

ニューリリースiphone ipod touchゲーム 花札 花合わせJAPON

Hanafuda-Kyo from App store

Hanafuda: Koi Koi Gameplay by Entity Games

サマーウォーズ~花札KOIKOI~ iPhone Gameplay

T-16611G - Honkaku Hanafuda JPN Sega Saturn 1/2

Sakura Wars Hanafuda

恋々幻想郷- Touhou Hanafuda

The Flora of Hanafuda

Here are some pictures of what the flowers/trees of Hanafuda really look like...

January - Pine (Matsu)

February - Plum Blossom (Ume)

March - Cherry Blossom (Sakura)

April - Wisteria (Fuji)

May - Iris (Ayame)

June  - Peony (Botan)

July - Bush Clover (Hagi)

August - Pampas Grass (Susuki)

September - Chrysanthemum (Kiku)

October - Maple (Momiji)

November - Willow (Yanagi)

December - Paulownia (Kiri)

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