Sunday, 19 February 2012

Friday, 17 February 2012


Not very much Koi-koi being played here!

Willow Geisha

November Rain

Yanagi Scene


I'm not so sure about her leggings.

Hanafuda themed Nudes

Hanafuda Socks

'Hanahuda' Gallery

恋こい花札 百花繚乱 by Hutech Co Ltd

Ayame Suit Illustration

These designs seem to have a calming influence on me.

Hanafuda Mahjong Tiles!

Oh wow, I need some of these!

Or these...

Was Burger Advertisement

This has to be the ONLY Hanafuda-themed advert I have ever seen advertising fast food!

Deer and Maple (Art-Meter)

This is my 100th post! So, I decided to 'celebrate' it with this colourful piece that  I found on Art-Meter. Don't try buying one as these are SOLD OUT!

'Rain-man' (copyright heboreal)

The Buddha Arts Vol 1

A Hanafuda themed illustration by Izumikawa MacFly from 'The Buddha Arts Volume 1'.

Yakuza Chic!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Snoopy Comic Hanafuda Peanuts World

'he who hesitates is lost' 菊に盃

Geisha Harvest Moon

Ino-Shika-Cho Pendant

Hanafuda Sake!

Ume Poetry Ribbon



Disney Hanafuda


I bought a deck of these whilst in Japan.  I'm not a huge fan of Disney but I liked the look of these as (unlike other manga or anime themed Hanafuda) I actually knew the characters.  The cards themselves are made of cheap card (disappointing), so I don't think they would last much past a few serious sessions of Koi-Koi! Due to this, I'm just going to keep them as a collectors item. At the time of purchase these cost me the equivalent of £10.



Hitomi Inoue