Saturday, 14 January 2012

September: Long Month

‘Nagatsuki’, or long month, marks the beginning of autumn when the nights begin to be longer than the days. September is represented by the ‘Kiku’ (Chrysanthemum) blossom.

The sixteen petals of the Kiku is the personal symbol of the Emperor of Japan. The Emperor is said to be descended from ‘Amaterasu’, the Sun goddess. The large yellow blossoms of the chrysanthemum are a fitting symbol for the radiant sun.

The Chrysanthemum is also a symbol of longevity because of the long life of the blooms. There is a legend of a place in Japan called Chrysanthemum Mountain. It is said that if you drink from the stream where the petals of the chrysanthemum fall into the water you will be blessed with long life. The five point card depicts the Kiku next to a stream with a Sake (Rice wine) cup. Inside the wine cup the character for ‘Longevity’ is traditionally written. It was a common tradition to sprinkle Chrysanthemum petals in one's wine and drink them as a way to ensure long life and happiness.

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  1. Design notes: The colour scheme is very bright and summery and here it is also used to highlight the fact that (for the most part) September is the last month of Summer as well as compliment the Kiku flowers.