Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tengu Joker or Bonus Cards

I know the Japanese don't really use 'Jokers' or 'Bonus' cards in their hanafuda games but Koreans are known to do.  So I thought I'd borrow this practice from Korea and design a couple of these specifically for a Japanese deck (once again by only using MS Excel).

In a previous blog I mentioned how the Japanese word 'hana' can also mean 'nose' and that how the Tengu mask became a popular hanafuda mascot.  It is no surprise therefore that I chose the Tengu mask for my Jokers.

These cards could be used just as wild cards, with attributes and powers decided by the players or indeed they could be used to decide who is first dealer (by selecting the card with the single mask that player is dealer) or as bonus cards for extra junk cards, where the single mask = one extra junk card and the two masks = 2 extra junk cards.

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