Tuesday, 24 January 2012




  1. I really love this game (I bought the full version). The images are crisp (there are two card variations, a traditional one and a slightly cartoony one). I tended to mute the volume on both BGM and voice, however, but considering that I would play on a busy streetcar or in a social cafe with busty schoolgirls on my screen, I try not to attract further attention to it (and I usually default to the cuter animals anyhow).

    If you go into continuous battle mode, the game awards you with three different wallpaper images for every 5 levels you pass (5, 10, and so on). There's a certificate, there's a cute image of the animals doing things, and there's a cute image of the SD girls doing things (like shrine maidens outfits).

    I highly recommend the lite version, and if it's enjoyed, pay full price. Well worth it.

    1. Hello Anonymous! Thank you for commenting on my blog. I have only played the 'Lite' version (hence no review on here) but I think (due to your recommendation) I will purchase the full version! My only issue is that it isn't in HD! I mean it looks good on my little smart phone but it doesn't look as crisp on my tablet (Nexus 7). Keep playing Koi-Koi!