Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dual Hanafuda/Trump Cards by Daiso Japan

In Japan, 'Western' style playing cards are called 'Trump' cards.  Here we have a deck of cards that look like the normal Anglo-French-American* cards but you can also play games like Koi-Koi and Hana Awase with them too! Genius!
*The Pips and Suits are French, The Court cards and embellished Ace of Spades are English, whilst the American's introduced the Jokers.
The cards have the look and feel of Western playing cards but the cards are not printed on anything like Bicycle/USPCC card stock.  No air-cushion finish here. Just old fashioned plastic coated cards!



  1. Greetings duarcain -
    Is this deck now currently available at Daiso? I asked a friend of mine in Tokyo to find one for me, and she told me there is no such card deck.

    1. Hello,

      A quick look at the Daiso online store (daisojapan.com) says no. Only 'normal' playing cards are available at the moment. You could always try ebay?